Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Make It Count Campaign

When Nike asked Casey Neistat, and Max Joseph to make a video promoting the Nike FuelBand, an athletic performance tracking device, costing $149, and wanting the slogan to be, "Make it Count," I doubt that they thought that they would get the results that they did.
Instead of doing just a normal studios advertisement the duo decided that they would take all the money that Nike gave them and do a video diary blog of them traveling around the world. Neistat wanted to take an adventure of a lifetime and, "Make it Count." So, after 10 days, 34,000 miles, 3 continents, and 16 countries, this is the video that they came up with.
Their objectives in this social media campaign was to make people really think about what making it count really meant to them and to committing to trying to better themselves or their lives and to become active on Twitter and Facebook, to join the social media world of tons of other people with the same goals or desires.
The, "Make It Count", campaign really took off. When Nike originally came out with this campaign they merely wanted to promote their new Fuelband, however, it spread quickly and even though Nike was not the official Olympics sponsers like Adidas, they stole the social media by promoting and sponsering individual athletes in the Olympics by using their, "Make It Count" campaign and creating 11 new videos of  UK athletes and how they were going to go further this year. Here is one sample of those videos.
Nike used all forms of social media marketing they used televisions advertising and massive advertisements throughout their stores and branches. They also used both Twitter and Facebook. They used the #make it count, all over Twitter. And then they furthered it once the Olympics came around with #findgreatness. Find your greatness was pointed more at the everyday person who is trying to achieve and meet athletic goals they never thought before.
This marketing approach reached huge goals for Nike. During the Olympic cermonies alone it raised followers by 11% equaling in 57,000 more followers. Also during the Olympics they recieved more tweets than Adidas, and resulted in more than 16,000 tweets. Even though Nike has reduced the amount of marketing for television by 40% they have upped their social media in the digital world so greatly that they continue to grow and strive making sure to contiue to hit their target market of 17 year olds.
I think that starting this campaign at the begining of 2012 and then continuing it and growing it into, through out the olympics with, "Find Greatness," was a great marketing choice on Nike's behalf. I also think that this was a huge success. I think that keeping with the target market of 17 year olds knowing that a younger crowd is what primarily buys their product and going more strictly with the digital world is genious. I honestly can't say that I would do anything to differently. I think that if Nike keeps going with what the digital world and keeping in tune with their target audience and what they like that they will always be one of the fore runners of their class.

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